One good reason why you need to build an online business

Everybody talks about freedom and finances when it comes to building an online business, in this video I explore another important reason and that is Freedom of Speech.

With all of the corona madness around the world, it is evident that the bulk of humanity are still reliant on mass media.  We can see the crazy influence of the media in times like this, instead of being a voice of reason they are a conduit of fear and panic.

So this is a power reason for you and I to step up and be a voice to people.  We have this wonderful online world where we can express ideas, create communities, and yet we are still beholding to the mass media of the world.  That does not need to be the case.

So if you have a gift and you are not stepping up with that gift, please know that the world needs to hear it.  You can use the world wide web to build an audience and to promote sanity, teach peace, connection - or whatever you want - be a blessing to others.

The first step is to get online and start producing content.  Teach from the heart, don't focus on being perfect, just be YOU and you will draw your audience.

If you are online already I have the same challenge for you - start producing content - develop and expand your content strategy to include Youtube, your blog and getting your message across the platforms where your target audience hang out.

Your content strategy is key to your income, because you can build a community of like minded people, and your content strategy can help you:

  • Establish your authority
  • Establish trust
  • Seed your programmes or coaching
  • Educate and Inspire 
  • Create raving fans and build your list

So can I encourage you today to make it a goal to put yourself out there because it is clearly evident that there are a lot of scared people who need some leadership.

If you want some 1-2-1 help with your content strategy feel free to book a free business breakthrough session with me here.

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