AI and Marketing: Threat or Opportunity?

You may have seen the buzz about Chat GPT and a host of other Artificial Intelligence (AI) apps recently.  While some people are concerned about AI, others are saying you can replace actual people in your business with it.

In this article, we will explore both sides of the argument by conducting a basic SWOT analysis of AI in marketing.

Strengths of AI

The most significant advantage of AI is its intelligence. For example, chat GPT can generate content, such as recipes or summaries of podcasts, much faster than humans can. AI can also help to save time, as it can process and analyze data much more quickly than humans. It can also provide insights and statistics that humans might not be able to detect.   It can even write code! Finally, it is an exciting tool to use that can be tailored to meet specific needs.

Weaknesses of AI

The main weakness of AI is that it is not human. AI might be able to write articles or generate content, but it is not capable of understanding human behavior or emotion. It has been found that any AI is subject to the biases and limitations of those people writing it.  Additionally, in terms of Chat GPT, it only has information up to 2021, and so there is also a limitation of pure computing power, it is already having outages.  Of course this will get better in time but our brain is a powerful machine to replicate, I think this will always be a limitation.

Threats of AI

The biggest threat of AI is a bunch of people pumping out content that they don't know anything about.  When there is no attachment to the message, how can you quantify the quality.   So the threat is "potentially" that someone may be able to do a better job than you at putting out content and do it quicker.

Opportunities AI is Giving Us As Authentics

The threat above is a great opportunity.  AI-generated content can appear to lack originality and individuality, and it can result in brands looking and sounding the same. This is particularly true if AI-generated content is not personalized to the target audience.

There is a great opportunity for marketers to use AI to enhance their messaging, but it must be done in the right way. By utilizing AI to generate content, marketers can save time and increase productivity.  However, this should be viewed as a tool, and not as a replacement for human interaction or understanding. Marketers can use AI-generated content as a base and then personalize it to their audience and put the HUMAN element in.


I personally love AI as a tool, but think it has some real limitations.  AI has the potential to revolutionize the marketing industry, but it is important to use it wisely. Marketers need to view AI as a tool to help them generate content, analyze data and provide insights, but not as a replacement for human interaction or understanding.

To ensure that AI is used effectively, online business owners and influencers need to personalize their content and and continue to "talk" to their audience.   Look for the opportunities where AI can enhance what you are doing OR save you time.

More coming in the next few weeks as I will show you my favourite tools.

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