7 Day Video Confidence Journey

How to get yourself out there on video with authenticity and confidence (even if you hate doing videos).

A safe place where you can practice your message and have fun using video


During this 7 day journey we will:

  • Learn how easy it is to create incredible content to expand your audience authentically.
  • Explore and remove your blocks (and fears) to video and help you get out there.
  • Overcome all of your technical issues (it's way easier than you think when you have the right tools!)
  • Learn how to create videos that sell your product or service without being pushy or feeling "yucky".
  • Work in a safe private group where you can practice and get support and feedback. 

BONUS:  Webinar at the end of the journey
"The Best Way To Get Your Message Using Video Out As An Authentic Micro Influencer"

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Why Do This Challenge?

We Need You To Get Your Message Out...

In a world full of influencer marketing and big brands, it is often hard for authentics with a unique message to reach people.  

We will tackle the best way to get your message out on video and communicate with confidence.

Get the confidence to build your audience with video (and make it fun!)

If you are totally FREAKED out by the technical side of things, and what the influencers are doing on Instragram, Facebook, Tiktok and Youtube.   You don't have to be a tech guru OR take videos while skydiving, running along a beach or scaling a mountain.  This is about learning how to authentically engage with your audience in a way that build confidence in your product, service or brand.

Learn how to market yourself without feeling "yuck" or manipulative

No doubt you are passionate about your message but dread the "marketing side".   That is because marketing these days can seem manipulative and coercive.  Real marketing however is fun because it is helping people find a solution to their problem.  Find the key to authentically communicate your message and reaching people via video.

What Can Happen For You:

I thought you’d like to know that 18 months on from your video practise club, I’ve made a whole training course... I filmed them all in just 2 days.  

Sarah Roberts
Cognitive Hypnotherapist

I took the video practice club with John, and I can really recommend him. He completely de-mystified the process for me. If you are looking to get some skills with filming and editing he is your man.  

Ruth Sutton

When I joined John's video practice group, I had no experience making video content and felt quite nervous about it.

John is very knowledgable and supportive...after being part of the group, making videos felt a lot easier, and I also felt much more comfortable with the technical side of things too.

If you're looking to improve your confidence when it comes to creating video content, I'd definitely recommend working with John.'

Marjana Jaigirdar
Transformational Coach

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