Writers – It’s Your Time To Shine – Here’s How

In today’s fast-paced world, the publishing landscape is ever-evolving. For authors and writers, navigating this terrain can be quite a challenge. Whether you are penning down your first novel, have a manuscript ready, or are just contemplating the idea of writing a book, understanding how to maintain control over your publishing journey is essential. 

The Importance of Having Your Own Platform

Traditionally, authors have heavily relied on publishers to get their books into the hands of readers. However, it's no secret that the traditional publishing process doesn’t always guarantee success in selling books. This leaves many authors struggling with marketing and often feeling a loss of control over their work.

The best way to regain this control is by building your own platform. This allows for direct engagement with your audience and gives you more authority over how your work is presented and distributed.

Connecting Through Video Content

Of the many tools available for building a personal platform, John emphatically highlights the power of video content. In a world that is becoming increasingly automated with AI capable of creating written content, the human connection becomes even more valuable. Video allows authors to establish this connection by putting a face and voice to the words.

While the thought of appearing on video might be daunting for many, it’s essential to recognize that authenticity resonates with people. Authentic communication through video can foster a genuine bond between authors and their audience.

Upholding Authenticity and Integrity

As an author, it's crucial to communicate with integrity and authenticity. These values not only build trust but also establish a deeper connection with the audience. In an age where content is abundant, being genuine can set you apart from the crowd.

A Community for Authors and Writers

Recognizing the challenges that authors face, I have setup this free facebook group “The Authentic Marketing Support Group”. This free group aims to be a resource hub and community for authors. It facilitates the exchange of information, allows authors to share their experiences, and offers tailored teachings.

The Value of Compensation

Authors pour their heart and soul into their work. As such, it is only fair that they are adequately compensated. While the main drive for writing might not be sales, it’s imperative to acknowledge that authors deserve to be paid well for their contributions. This also enables them to continue creating valuable content.  That is why it is your time to shine!

The Rise of Micro Influencers

I believe this current barrage of media will leave a big gap for the micro-influencer. This is especially relevant in a landscape that is increasingly influenced by AI-driven content. Being a micro-influencer with an authentic voice can carve a niche for authors, you will reach people as a real voice to real issues.


The journey of an author in the digital age demands more than just excellent writing skills. It requires building a personal platform, connecting authentically with an audience, and leveraging the power of video content. By embracing these elements and joining supportive communities, authors can not only regain control over their publishing process but also ensure that their voices are heard in a crowded digital world.

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