Why it is important to know your Target Audience

​As I was shooting some upcoming training I realised I need to start helping people find their target audience.

So many people when starting out online or in any business for that fact don't pay enough attention to their target audience.  It is the single most reason that paid advertising campaigns fail.  It is the biggest reason why people do not penetrate the market with their online business.

Thousands of dollars are literally flushed down the toilet because of bad targeting.​

I don't know why - perhaps we get an idea of what people need or what we want to sell.  Another problem is we think we can sell to everyone i.e - in the health and wellness area the problem is getting a niche.  Health practitioners want to fix everyone but in business and especially online - you can't sell everything to everyone.

One reason is that within a target only a certain percentage of people will respond to your style of teaching.  Why advertise to males between the age of 18-65  when females between 35-54 are the ones who are attracted to your message and products?​

I shot this video for you as I was looking after some horses on a house sit as an introduction to a series that I will delve into more in upcoming articles.

Click below to download my Target Audience Cheat Sheet.  It is designed to help you start to narrow down your audience.

In future articles I will discuss how your target audience can affect your paid advertising and your sales conversions.

Let me know your thoughts and especially feel free to ask any questions you like below.  I am in a content creating frenzy at the moment so would love to answer your questions.

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