Getting Clickfunnels talking to WordPress

I see so many people using horrible clickfunnels links in their campaigns. I see the same with Leadpages and so will do that in another video.

I have also seen people implement the with the clickfunnels process and thought that was strange.  What if I told you that you did not need a techie or know your way around DNS and domain name settings to have your clickfunnels working seamlessly with you domain name.

The beauty is that it only takes 5 minutes to get your Clickfunnels pages appearing on your website domain if your website is using WordPress.  You can follow the 5 steps below or watch the video.

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard, go to the Plugins and select Add.  Search for Clickfunnels and install the appropriate plugin
  2. After installing click on the Clickfunnels item in your Dashboard sidebar and go into the settings.
  3. Log into clickfunnels, go to the settings / account section and locate the WordPress authorization code and copy it.
  4. Go back to your wordpress screen and copy the email and clickfunnels code into the relevant fields and hit save.  Check by running the compatability test.
  5. In wordpress select Clickfunnels and then Add Page and select the relevant funnel, page and put in your webpage name and Tadah! it is done.

Watch the training video below I will show you this 5 minute integration step by step.

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