Integration versus Implementation – What the?

Before you think ohh no not another techie rant let me explain how understanding the difference between these two words can make a huge difference to the success of your business and to the costs associated with it.

So here is John's Concise Dictionary explaination of them:

Integration:  is what happens when you have two or more "technologies" talking to eachother.  For example - making Active Campaign or Infusionsoft "talk" to Thrive Themes or Leadpages.

​If you have either an integration or implementation problem you need help with, leave a comment and I will shoot a video about it.

Implementation:  is making it happen.  Making it work and deliver the desired result. Making sure every piece of your funnel or engagement strategy is working and put in place.

The reason I mention this is because I see so many people confuse the two, they stress about will a new piece of technology will talk to their current technologies.  There are many people and many youtube videos that can show you "how" to get them talking.  But that is only have of the issue here.

​So I had a client come to me with an amazing funnel built in clickfunnels.  It was setup to talk with their website and their list manager - to my definition it was "integrated" but the funnel did not work because it had not been "implemented" properly.

Get my drift?  That is why I love implementation - it is so much more than just the techie bits, it is making the techie bits "work", it is about giving your client journey the professionalism and smooth running it deserves.

Further to that it is providing a tracking platform so that whatever you do in your business you can see the reach and success.​

To de-mystify integration and implementation I have created a worksheet to help you analyse it.

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