Engagement and Deliverability – why they go hand in hand

These days email deliverability is becoming quite a problem. With the likes of Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo tightening up their protocols, email marketers have a ever increasing problem of emails not reaching their people.

I think the problem however goes beyond the simple techie nightmare. Many marketers are trying different things, but the biggest problem I have with jumping on new technologies too quickly is that these giant companies can just change the rules and have us running in circles.

That is why I think that engagement plays just as big a part in your deliverability. Engagement is not only who is reading your social media posts, it is HOW people are consuming you. In the video I talked about giving people multiple ways to consume your content. One way is to create an mp3 of your video content and put it on a podcast, load the same video into facebook, setup multiple posts directing people to the blog article, etc.

Create good content - get people consuming you across multiple platforms and regardless of what Google, Yahoo and Hotmail do, you are still reaching your people. The surprise is that your open rates will go up.

Here is a little report to help you analyse your engagement and ways to improve it, I hope it helps you get clearer


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