One Essential Online Business Strategy during Corona Virus

I want to talk about the best online strategy for you during this difficult time of COVID-19.  A lot of people are unsure whether to sell, launch or not - I will focus on sales strategies on a different video but today I will talk about one thing we all must do.

You may recall last video I mentioned "One good reason why you must build an online business" and my motivation was this difficult time we are experiencing right now.

The best strategy you can use, whether you plan to launch or not is a content strategy that will build a relationship with your current audience but that also helps grow your audience.

The reason this is important is this is the seed you are sowing for future sales.  As I mentioned in the video the farmers this year had a hard winter, but they sowed the seed in faith.  Had they not sown the seed in the "hard times" they will not enjoy the harvest in the good times.

So it is with your online business.  This time (whether you sell or not) will help to solidify your authority in your field and build a relationship with your audience if you have a solid content strategy.  

Every piece of content is a "sales conversation" because it can establish trust, build a relationship, even raise a flag in the viewer's mind that says "I want to work with this person".

So when it comes to creating content the main question I have is:

What do your audience need to hear right now?

There are a lot of people in fear and panic, perhaps your particular skill can give them some peace and give them comfort.  If you are a business coach, you can help your clients develop "corona proof" strategies.  

Regardless of this current situation right now, I want to encourage you to create your content, get it out across your social media platforms and keep "sowing the seed".  

So ask yourself, do I current have a content strategy that is:

  • Regular and reaching my audience
  • Feeding and growing my audience
  • Seeding my audience
  • Building my authority
  • Building trust and relationship

If this is something you want specific 1-2-1 help with, feel free to book in for a free Business Breakthrough strategy session here.

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