Shine Your Light |Lessons from a Cracked Pot

In times of darkness, it is then that your light is more needed.  In this article and video I want to discuss how to shine your light, and the fact  you don't need to be perfect to get your message out there.

In the video you will see some splendid visuals of light peeping through the tree-line.  It shows us that obstacles can define us and make our light more beautiful.

Sometimes we feel "inadequate" to get our message out.  To help with this I want to share a motivational story about the lady with the two water jars, one was perfect and the other cracked.  Everyday she went down to the river to fetch water with the 2 jars carried by a bar on her back.

And everyday the jar with the cracks would leak and lose about half of the water by the time she returned home.  One day the cracked jug spoke to the lady and said "I can't do this, I give up" to which the lady asked "Why?".   "Well," the jug stated "everyday I let you down, unlike my perfect friend over there, you struggle everyday but I only bring back half of the water, and so I cannot do my job properly and cannot stand letting you down any longer".

The lady smiled to herself and replied "I knew of your cracks, and I love them do you know why?  Because knowing of your cracks I planted flower seeds along your side of the path, and everyday you water them, and now I have beautiful fresh flowers that I can pick daily that make my house look and smell wonderful.  So because of your cracks, you bring much joy and colour to my life."

Embracing Your Cracks

This story highlights there is nothing to be gained by perfection, rather it is through our cracks that we can bring a blessing to others.  It is these cracks that make us relatable.  If I was to launch a coaching programme I think I would call it  "The Flawed Coach", because it is in our flaws that we inspire - to let people know that we are walking the same path and are succeeding.

So my lesson for today is, you don't have to be a luminary to shine, and that even though we may be hidden beneath the tree-line we can bring beauty and peace into this world.  

In addition, even though we are all "cracked pots", if we embrace who we are and love our imperfections and know we are enough - we can be a blessing to others.

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