Do I need SEO to build an online business?

Today I want to talk to you about SEO and the role that it plays in your business.  As you know, I talk a lot about content and the need to have a content strategy.  In the next couple of months I am going to be talking about building a platform that supports your business.

So whether you're an author or a coach or even a musician, if you have a book or you're writing a book, if you've got an online programme or you're thinking of building one - building a platform can be the best thing you can do to support your business for the long term.

Why do I need a platform for my online business?

If you build a platform for your business, you will sell more of what you are offering, however it will also help you engage and understand your audience needs and establish you as an expert in your field.

Sidenote - if you are an author and want to get published, it is far easier if you have an existing platform.

So, an important part of the content you're putting out is to make sure that while you're putting it out across your social media platforms, your content is also structured in a way that you can draw other organic traffic.   So you might get Facebook likes and shares and people promoting you, however  what if the content you're putting out is what people are searching for, and so in addition to your social media traffic,  people start to find you across Google and Youtube and other search engines. 

So the question is...

What do I need to do to get Organic Traffic to my website?

SEO - that scary techy sounding word!  There are 2 types of SEO you need to be aware of.  

1.  "The French Patisserie" Approach - This is were the guru's hang, they live it breath it, and understand the algorithms.  This is the fancy baking method of SEO, one which is a learned skill that takes great effort and time.  This can also be a huge waste of your time trying to perfect complicated skills that you could use elsewhere in your business.

2. "The Good Ole Fashion Baking" Approach - This is where you understand the principles of SEO and you put out content in a smart and structured way, (ie you can cook a really tasty cake and you understand the basics of baking but you are no pastry chef).  FYI, this is the more profitable approach when you are building a platform.

I don't like to rely on one online strategy because google and facebook change the rules on us, and so a previously successful strategy could just stop working overnight. 

The key is to have a balanced approach, where you understand the principles of SEO and you focus on quality content in a structured way, that also allows you to focus on other elements of building your platform.

A Course that Will Help You

I only promote businesses I believe in, and that is why I believe if you want a really good balanced approach to SEO you should consider the SEO Sprint course that Thrive is promoting at the moment.

They understand platform building and have a balanced approach.  Here is my affiliate link to some instructional videos about SEO.

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My Special Offer to you...

As an added benefit, for anybody who decides to do the SEO course and buys through my affiliate link, I will give  you 2 hours free consulting that you can use in the following ways:

  • Launch Strategy
  • Webinar Sales Strategy
  • Implementing your Content Strategy
  • Implementing your SEO Strategy that you are learning

All you have to do is contact me through the contact page here when you have bought the course and we can co-ordinate a time to book your session.

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