Selling Benefits and Not Features | How to Sell Online

When I work with coaches or online marketers, even online shops, one of the biggest challenges in messaging and selling is learning how to sell benefits over selling features.

I am not saying that there is no place for talking about the features of your product, programme or service, however the emotional commitment from the buyer comes from them knowing what you can do to solve their problem.

A lot of marketers use fear and scarcity to motivate a buyer and I don't like those kinds of methods.  What I am talking about is educating the customer as to what you can actually do for them.

For example, I like to watch television advertisments as mostly they are a good example of this method.  A 4WD vehicle advertisement might mention their technology but the imagery is of the vehicle going cross-country, through rivers, down mountains, etc - you get the picture right.

So our messaging has to paint that picture in the head for our customer.  If your online presence is setup correctly they will get the social proof and trust they need, and once you answer the "Why should I spend my money with you?" in other words "What can you do for me?" question, then you have a loyal customer.

The key is to get specific about the problem you are solving, and one of the main essentials here is understanding your target audience and not going too wide with your messaging.

For example, "Live free of pain" is general and it could apply to many people in many ways.  However "Live free of chronic back pain without medication" is more specific and will motivate people to dig deeper and look into what you are offering.

So the goal today - take a step back and look at your website and marketing.  Are you helping people understand what problem you are solving or the journey you can take them on? OR are you talking about your techniques, specifications, methods, etc.

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