Why Thrive Themes is the Ultimate Blog and Marketing tool

I often get asked what are the best marketing tools for a blog or online business.  When I weigh up clickfunnels, leadpages, kajabi, simplero - I always come back to Thrive Themes, I explain more in the article and video below.

When you run an online business, costs can add up to hundreds of dollars per month.  So it is important the marketing tools you use enable you to earn an online income but also keep those costs under control.

So here is what I look for when advising online business owners.  

  • The monthly or yearly cost
  • Value - how much can it save you in team time and how much can it make you in terms of business income.
  • The speed with which you can use it to roll out your content or launch strategy
  • The software longevity and support

So with Thrive Themes it ticks all of the boxes.  Of course like all software it takes some training, but once you have the handle you can roll out blog posts, sales pages and other web assets stylishly and very quickly.

I just love the drag and drop interface which gives you the options to make pictures and text on a webpage amazing.  Some people even report not needing a graphics image editor because the Thrive Architect editor has so many things it can do.

Where clickfunnels and leadpages fall down is they are not really blogging apps.  With Thrive Themes you get your blog themes that fit right in with wordpress, AND you also get all of the sales and landing page templates you can desire.

It sounds like I work for them right, but I don't.  I have served online business owners for over 10 years and this tool I rate as one of the big game changers in helping business owners market their businesses without the need of a high level designer or tech guru.

One more sidepoint - they constantly are putting out training videos and new features, unlike clickfunnels and leadpages who have really stayed the same over the past few years.

In the video I make the offer to get my Build a website in 3 days course on Udemy for free if you purchase using my affiliate link. In this course I will show you how to build your blog and website (step by step) using Thrive Themes - even if you have no tech experience.

Here is the link to purchase Thrive, reach out to me via my FB page and I will hook you up with my free course.


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