Introduction to Google Analytics – How to Read Your Statistics

After a recent website overhaul a client asked me to explain how to understand Google Analytics.  Google Analytics is feature rich application - but the problem is you can get lost in the stats.  In this video I want to introduce you to Google Analytics and help you understand the more relevant parts for an online business.

I believe any reporting for an online business owner should either track "engagement" or "performance".

What I mean by engagement is "how your readers engage with your site" - are they viewing more than one article - are they following the client journey you had planned?

What I mean by performance is - how does my site and /or pages perform in getting people on my list.  After all - as I have said before - email (as badly as it performs right now) is the only platform you own.  To illustrate -  if you are building a massive facebook following, or facebook messenger list but this is not translating to emails - you do not have a business - you are just building up facebook's platform because they can change the rules whenever they like.  Businesses have been lost overnight because of changes in platforms.

Anyway back on track - when I use google analytics to review a persons website performance here is what I look for:

  • Behavioural flow - I like to see how people are working through a site
  • Bounce Rate - warning - exclude your lead magnet and sales pages when you review your site data because this have a high bounce rate and can pollute your blog and normal web pages.  This is a good indication of how "appealing" your message is to site visitors.
  • For a lead magnet - track unique visits and compare that to how many signed up on your list manager to get an optin rate.  This will help you understand if your leadmagnet is working or needs work.
  • Demographics - can be useful to see your social media reach and what countries you are strong in to make sure you are hitting your target audience.
  • Sources - understand where your referrals are coming from - helps with your social media performance and impact, and to understand if you are getting any organic traffic.
  • Keywords - make sure you activate the Google Search Console - as you build your presence you can see how people are finding you in google.  This is gold and can lead to a lot of unpaid traffic.

If you have not done so - watch the video and let me know if you have any questions - I have tried to give you a basic overview in this tutorial - as you get comfortable with the site you will see other indicators relevant to your business.

Here are some how to tutorials on how to insert your google tracking code into Leadpages or Clickfunnels:

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