Creating Content That Builds Readership

Creating content is one of the biggest challenges that people seem to face when starting an online business.  There are always content marketing tools that people promote to "make life easier" but I believe these only damage your brand and dilute your message.  Here are my tips for creating killer content.

In the video I discuss relevant questions you can ask yourself that will help you generate your content.  "Givers" often spend so much time on content that 1 video or 1 article could often be broken up into many.  Resist the temptation to over-give - rather give value and don't cover too many topics.

Creating good content allows you to do the following:

  • Educate
  • Motivate
  • Lead and Seed
  • Build your Authority as an expert
  • Segment your list

An article does not have to do it all at once, but just you knowing what the purpose of each piece of content is will free you up to create different types of content without wondering "am I missing something" or "should I do ...."

Another thing to consider is the Medium or types of content your audience enjoy.  Research your favourite online teachers and see what they focus on.  Understanding your target audience will allow you to choose from the many options:

  • Photo's / Lifestyle
  • Scenery
  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Audios ie Podcasts

Don't allow these options to overwhelm you - rather focus on 2-3 mediums and you can build on these later if your audience dictates it.

Then you have so many topics or things to talk about.  Your target audience follow you because of you so don't be afraid to share not only tips but others things like:

  • An experience
  • History / Culture
  • Problem Solving
  • A Recommendation
  • Inspiration and musings

A simple trip to the beach can provide you content to share with your audience so don't limit yourself.  You don't have to be "the guru" in every piece of content - people want to see how you actually live also.

So in conclusion - don't complicate the process - you have the knowledge within you - you just need to find the ways to extract it.  Things that are easy for you and seemingly have no value are "gold" to your target audience.

Enjoy creating Content That Builds Readership.

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