The Power of Story In Your Online Business

In recent times influencers like Brene Brown have give new impetus to story marketing.  The idea of sharing our story with all of vulnerability can really touch someone in incredible ways.   In this video I discuss the Power of Story in your Online business and why you need to be careful to stay authentic.

I get inspired by rocks, I don't know why but walking on a beach an picking up a rock that has been there millions of years makes me want to know more about how that rock was formed.

In the video above I discuss this, and how in your journey of life you will have your up and down moments, your wins and failures - all of these things make us the person we are.  Now what happens when it comes to building an online business, is that you want to establish yourself as an authority in a particular area - and the tendency can be to "hide" our flaws and hide our failures.

But this story of yours, how you got here, WHY you want people to buy your program or course can be the very thing that sells it.  Fancy copy, fancy online marketing strategies may work, but at the end of the day, your story can become part of that product which will make it appealing to the right target audience.

What I really hate is "Story Marketing" for the sake of selling only.  It is like people are trying to make stories fit their marketing, or use story to manipulate.  Your story, if authentic and real, will not only motivate people to invest with you, but it will inspire and educate them.  It will give them hope - real hope.

So my message to you is - don't get wrapped up in Story marketing like it is a fad or strategy.  Share YOU in an authentic way and share it as the WHY you are building your online business and you will reach and help thousands of people.

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