How to Setup Your Gmail Account to check your Pop3 emails

I was asked by someone this week if you could use your personal gmail account to check your dot com OR pop3 email.  They were told you needed to upgrade to a business account - but I knew there had to be a way so I did some digging.  

Now the solution ain't perfect - but for a startup online - it will save you spending money and I think works well.  Check out the video to see how you do it.

So to get your pop3 account talking to your gmail account you will need to go into your host (hopefully you have cpanel), in cpanel you can find your email account - you will need  the following

  • Your email account user name
  • Your password
  • Your incoming server & port number
  • Your outgoing server & port number

With these details you can go into your gmail settings and add the account.  Some things go consider are - do you want the email to stay on the server or do you want to just pull it into gmail. 

After that you should be able to receive emails on that address and send emails.  Always do a test to check.  After that you want to create a Label - and then you create a filter so that any incoming emails are labelled with and separated from your gmail emails.

Whallah.  The only clumsy thing I find is that when you receive an email and go to reply you always have to check what email it is sending from.  

But anyway I never said it was a perfect solution - but it will help you to get setup and going until you build your online business and that pays for the upgrade to gmail business!

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