Funnel Masterclass Series – Funnel Building Basics

Funnels Funnels Funnels!  Everybody is going funnel mad it seems.   I myself have been busily building funnels for clients which prompted me to shoot this video.

I believe 75% of the success of a funnel is in the tracking.  With the right tracking you can fix or improve the elements to get the results you desire.  It amazes me how many people put the effort into building a funnel - they run a campaign and then ditch it without improving or tweaking it.

Often times people get daunted by funnels, they let the simplest of processes become a huge roadblock.  So, I address a basic online sales funnel in the video and discuss my approach and how to go about putting it together.

Here is my approach to funnel building, if you follow these steps you will be able to make your tech and processes work together, and also get the proper tracking to enable you to improve your funnel.

All funnels have a capture / registration mechanism, a sales mechanism and a close out mechanism.  So this is what I do:

  1. The first step in putting together a "live" or "evergreen" funnel is to map out the client journey.  Basically - what is it that you want the customer to do.  In the video I use a Webinar funnel - so you want the customer to register - attend and buy.
  2. Then you need to understand the tools that you are going to use and how it talks to one another.  I use Webinar Jam / Active Campaign  / and Thrive in the example.
  3. Then you want to understand what tracking elements you need and how best to obtain those.  For ie - Webinar Jam talks directly to Active Campaign via the tagging mechanism.  So I use tags to track stats but to also trigger events like the campaign emails to those who attend or missed the webinar, etc.
  4. Then it is a matter of building it - I will shoot this in future videos, but get the web assets in place, get them talking together, get the emails and the client journey loaded and then make sure you have covered all of the bases.

I know this is an oversimplification of a funnel process but it is very much how to make a funnel succeed.  If you understand the client journey, the tools you have, how they talk to one another and the objectives to track - you will build a successful funnel.

Although a  funnel is a great asset and a great strategy to have - perhaps it is not the right strategy for you right now.  If you want assistance in knowing what you need to do to grow your online business and what tools you need in place - book in for a free no obligation "Online Business Breakthrough Session" with me.

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