Two small changes that improved my email click through rate by 381%

Email deliverability is a big issue these days, which means you want as many of those who open your emails to click through to your site or landing page - this is what I mean when I say "email click through rate".  How many people opened your email responded to the "call to action" and clicked?

Of course email deliverability is another topic, like how can I make sure my emails have every chance of landing in someone's inbox, and how can I get people to open my emails?

But this article is purely talking about once they have opened how can I get them to click through.  This is a strong indicator as to the health of your Online Ecosystem - getting people to consume you and building relationship through content so that when you want to make an offer, they are ready to buy from you.

So this video came about with me analyzing our weekly newsletter for a new business venture - Daily Inspired Life.  We noticed our click through rate was really low.  I felt the copy was fine, the look of the email was appealing but realized two things:

  1.  The was no call to action "high enough" on the page.  Which means the person had to scroll down and could have missed it.
  2. There were no "text links" in the email.  So if the person did not allow their email software to display the beautiful pictures, they would have missed the call to action.  In addition to that they also might not have thought to click on the pictures anyway.

So we made one small change to our weekly email newsletter.  I created a text hyperlink inviting the reader to read the full story.

I also created text links to the articles to go with the beautiful graphical display promoting other stories on the site.

It was this that made our email click through rate jump from 5% to over 20%.

So 2 learning points here:

  1. Always look to make small improvements in your email statistics.
  2. Don't change too many things, otherwise you will now know the change that worked.

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