How to Plan The Client Journey for your Online Business

If you have an online business but do not have a clear "Client Journey" in place you are leaving money at the front door.  This video was inspired by analyzing my own business and the gaps I found.

For me, an online business is all about building trust and building a relationship with your potential clients.

A client journey allows you to engaged, build trust, authority and seed people to lead them to the next step you require them to take.

The import thing is to have a goal in mind.  There might be a few different objectives depending on your lead magnet and what you want your customers to do.  

Watch the video above and see how you are going with your Client Journey.  

Sometimes as your business grows you will need to step back review and alter your client journey.  If you need help to improve your client journey, reach out to me and book a free consult session here.

Another video you will find helpful in the planning process  is the  Essential Elements to an Online Business.

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