Protect Yourself from BS Marketing

In this wonderful internet revolution, we have a myriad of choices of how we reach our target customers.  The downside of this incredible online world is there is a lot of crap floating around and sometimes it is hard to know what marketing strategy to follow or who to listen to.  In this video I discuss the BS Marketing strategies and how to protect yourself.

I am not saying that all of the marketing or programmes are BS.  I know of really great online training programmes, but I hate the way they are marketed.  So here are my 3 tips to identifying the BS out there, and to help you not get caught up in all the BS.

1. Selling you something based on pure turnover or lifestyle.

If you are being told to buy a programme based on a supposed turnover or lifestyle of the person selling it, beware.  Of course a person's success gives validity to a strategy however pure selling based on "I have a 7 figure business so you must buy this" type approach may leave you frustrated.

There is no guarantee that the persons results will translate to your target.  You also may not be in a position to do what they do to achieve those results. 

2. Be careful of the figures quoted

Big numbers that are promised may look good but often times these figures are not accurate.  For example if someone claims a $1 million dollar launch, that is not what they keep from it, often times after affiliate commissions, advertising and product costs, this figure is far far less impressive.

I have an interest in drop-shipping, but I can see the figures people are quoting are their "sales" figures - which are impressive don't get me wrong, but saying you made $20,000 last week is really not correct if your commission was more like $2,000.

So all I am saying is be careful not to get swept away with exciting numbers.

3.  Watch Your Response

Anytime you feel that urge the "I must have this" OR "this is the final secret missing marketing piece I have been looking for", then that is the time to take a step back and review your thought process.

Online business takes commitment and growth.  Anyone who offers an online business in a box is usually offering a strategy not a business.  A strategy is something that may help you "earn money" online but does not necessarily help you establish a real business and a real online presence.  

One marketer was promising to help someone get 1000 people per week on their list.  This guy had been online for 15years, this was a total unrealistic goal for a new startup.

I really don't like seeing people waste money on a programme that is not suited for them just because of a slick marketing campaign.

So if you enjoyed these 3 short tips, let me know by commenting below.

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