Why an Ecosystem is Essential to your Online Business

Walking through the countryside in Cyprus I see fields upon fields of Barley but I wonder WHY, because Barley is not part of the staple diet here.  The answer causes me to understand more about how your ecosystem is essential to your online business success and results.

I explain more in this video:

Your ecosystem is the bridge between what I call the "short game" and the "long game".  It is the key to having a flow of traffic to your site, a stream of customers coming to you regularly and a crowd of raving fans.

Your ecosystem will provide people with social proof and evidence you are an expert in your field.​

Many people will start a business and spend all of their resource on the product or on advertising with little regard for the long term clients.  They will even invest huge sums on facebook advertising to get new "leads" with no mechanism to feed and build a relationship with those who don't buy at that time.

So while you are analyzing signups to your lead magnets and sales, it is just as important to check how your engagement and your ecosystem is going.  

The marketers of old used to say "Content is King" - even more important today is the saying "Free Content is King"

So I say plant the Barley in your business - feed your tribe and it will reap bountiful results.

In a previous article "The 2 things you must do to build your online business" I have a worksheet that will help you identify what tasks to do regularly to build your ecosystem.​

If you are unsure about how to build your ecosystem - here is a worksheet to help you get started.

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