Getting Leadpages working with your WordPress Website

Somebody rescue us from the land of horrible links!  Please promise once you have seen this video you will immediately cease to use the horrible Leadpages links.

No offense leadpages but if you want to market your brand, it is best to have your domain on the webpage link!

Here is my simple 5 minute installation video below.  There are also step by step instructions below video - choose your preferred method.

​So here are the steps:

  1. Log into your WordPress site​
  2. Log into your Leadpages site
  3. Create your Optin page or Sales Page or any other page in Leadpages.
  4. Publish the page (note - it does not have to be complete to get this integration working - you can pretty it up later)
  5. When you publish choose the publish options in leadpages
  6. Select the WordPress plugin and download the .zip file
  7. Go to your WordPress dashboard and select Plugins -> Add - choose the upload option and select the .zip file.  Upload and activate the plugin.
  8. Now a Leadpages option should appear in your WordPress sidebar.  
  9. Click into the Leadpages option and select Add - you will notice your page or pages you have setup will appear.
  10. Select the appropriate page - select the link name - hit save and wallah (as they say in France)
  11. Pat yourself on the back because now you can create as many pages on your domain as you like.

Of course there is more to setup, but this is the start of branding your pages properly. 

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ALSO - if you are thinking of buying Leadpages - if you buy it through the link below I will give you a free 30 minute online strategy session or tech troubleshooting session.

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