Online Business Tip – Don’t Restart Just Reset

A big mistake I have seen people do over and over again in my 10 years of working online is they "restart" - they discard everything they have done and start again like the proverbial author screwing up the piece of paper and throwing it in the bin.

I have seen people spend thousands on a rebrand or a new website thinking this will give them the regeneration they need in their online business - only to find it does nothing.  Why?  ​

In this video, inspired by Cyprus in spring I talk about changing our mindset to  "reset" instead of "restart".​  Check it out below:

So what do I need to do to reset instead of restart you may ask?

Firstly, you need proper statistics on what is not working.   Here are some questions:

  • Are you getting visitors to your site but no people staying?
  • Are you getting visitors to your Lead Magnet but no one signing up?
  • Are you getting engaged and interest on your blog articles or social media posts - is so which ones or which topic?
  • Do you find it easy to get signups but hard to sell your products?
  • Do you get visitors to your sales page with no conversions OR do you find it hard to even get people to your sales page?

​There are many elements to an online business.  When you break it down and analyse, there might be one part not working or a combination, however there might be real promise in a particular area that could be built upon.

A great start would be to download my free guide "The 7 Things You Need to Succeed Online".  If you want an free strategy session to discuss what is or what is not working in your online business feel free to contact me here.

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