Short Term Income vs Long Term Growth

One of the biggest challenges I see small online businesses facing is the challenge of doing the essential things to build your short term income, while building the tribe, foundation and signature product and doing the actions that will bring future long term profits for their business.

I really good online business needs these 3 elements:

1. A Lead Capture mechanism

A way to grow your email list subscribers while also building your other online platforms.  This is usually done with Lead Magnets and promotions that people will sign up for.

2. A Sales Conversion mechanism

Whether it is automated, or whether you do a launch process every so often, a good business has an efficient and effective sales conversion mechanism to convert these leads into paying clients.

3. An Engagement mechanism

Unless you are going to delete the people on your list that did not buy, you will want to "keep them warm" with content, allowing time to build the relationship and trust in you.  These people will often buy in later campaigns and can be your biggest "cheer leaders"

The trouble is...

When a person is starting out, it may take some time to develop your sales conversion mechanism, as this will require an online course or programme with the related launch assets.

I shot this video to describe how you build the long term assets and audience without going broke or crazy while you focus on some short time monetization strategies.


In the video I mention a free strategy session in which I can help you navigate what is the best strategy for you to monetize your business while you build your long term assets.  To book a session with me click the link below:

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