Why an online information business is the best type of business to have

"Ohh you work online?  So that means you can travel and live where ever you like? I would love to do something like that!"

​I speak to so many people in our travels and that is the standard response.

The truth is you can work online in your own business.  The challenge is finding the right business for you.  

In the video below I explore Why An Online Information Business Is The Best Business To Have.

In the video above I discuss various online models that people do make money from, but I don't want to spend my time building someone else's platform only to have them change the rules and reduce my income.

​You might ask - What is an online information business?

It is a business where you are selling your knowledge and how-to as opposed to a physical product.  You build your email subscriber list by providing good free content with a view to building a relationship and on-selling programs that are of value to your subscriber base.

I realise there are different forms of online info businesses i.e - there are the hardcore sell at any cost type models - but these are synonymous  ​with your "used car salesman".  What I am talking about is a long term sustainable business model. 

The best ​thing about an online information business is that you are in control.  You are getting people to give you their email in exchange for good quality content.  This in turn allows you to give them more content or make them an offer, build a relationship, offer them a coaching call - anything is possible and there are many strategies out there.

The bottom line is - with an online information business you own your database and you can market to them however you like.  Which means you are in control, you can change your products and offerings depending on the needs of your people.  You can offer complimentary products and training - basically the world is your oyster.

​As I mentioned in the video - if you are asking "But what would I sell?  Who would buy from me?" - here is a worksheet below that can help you just click on the button to get instant access to the download.

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