The 2 things you MUST do to build your online business

I was motivated to write this article because sometimes ​we can fall into the trap of thinking "when I have a big list I will do...".  This single thing could be holding you back from building a successful online business.

I believe there are 2 vital things you need to do when you are starting out online that will help you build a solid foundation for a big sustainable business.  I explain it in this video below.

So my question to you is...

Would you rather have a huge bunch of engaged raving fans and have leads flowing into your business daily OR would you like to get on the "promotion treadmill" constantly looking for new clients and money?

I think I know the answer 🙂

So the two things as I outlined in the video above are

1.  Regularity

Regularity is the key to success on social media and to ensure you have an engaged and "well fed" list of potential clients.

​A lot of people take the binge approach to email marketing, but you will see far better engaged, reach and also organic list growth by doing small things regularly.  

Here is a checklist to help you identify what the regular actions are that you need to be doing to build your business.

Funny thing is those same actions (but maybe on a bigger scale) will be the same when you have a huge business.  ​

2.  Action​

I love the quote "Imperfect Action is better the Perfect Inaction".

Sometimes we take the MBA approach to our business.  We create the most elaborate plan, strategize the hell out of it and then get so overwhelmed that we don't do anything.

The other problem is we expect everything to be perfect.  I am telling you the key to connection with your audience is to keep it real!  Unless you are selling how to shoot a video professionally or how to be the best newsreader in the world, there is no need to overproduce your content.  

Infact your audience will relate to seeing you real instead of seeing you perfect.

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