Design Your Client Journey |Platform Building Tip 2

This article is talking about the importance of designing your client journey.  This is a follow on from Platform Building Tip #1 - Understanding Your Business Model.

I often talk about your platform being like an Eco-system.  

So when people come into your eco-system, the question is "What is the client journey you want them to take?"

There are all sorts of ways you can apply this  but for this article we are talking about two specific client journeys.

1.  When someone visits your website

What is your goal when someone visits your website?  I am hoping your answer is to have a way to get them to subscribe to your mailing list.  Email is still one of the very few "platforms" you actually own.

This is where platform building tip 1 is essential.  When you know your business model, you will then make sure your website is guiding people and directing them in a way that supports your business model.

So when you look at your website, and all of the different elements like your menu bar, pages, sidebars, footers, etc - are you giving them the next step for example - leading people to connect with you via email, a Facebook group or any other way.

I believe the best way to improve your bottom line is to be able to capture the email address (legally of course!).  Because this will enable you to engage with a person and continue the conversation.

If you have a Lead magnet that supports your end goal, you will be able to create a customized email communication with them to help them to take the next step with you.

2. After they sign up to your email list

One of the most under utilized piece of real estate in a signup process is the "thank you page".   After they sign up here is an opportunity to start your engagement process with them.

So you can invite them to a free consult, a webinar, to join a FB group, etc - again this is dependent on your business model and the client journey you design for them.

So this is the start of the engagement, however remember they have given you your email and now you can continue to develop the relationship with them.  The best way to do this is to bring them back to the reason they signed up and either give them more content or help them further.   Regardless it is another opportunity to get them to take the next steps with you. 

These two areas are relatively easy to setup, however many people skip over this.  

So my goal for you today - layout your website and email signup process and see if the client journey is helping your people build a relationship with you AND also take the next steps with your business.

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