Platform Building Tip 1 – Choose the Right Business Model

I want to talk about the first key you need to understand to build your platform in this next year.  The key is to understand what business model that you want to have. There are two elements to this – (i) where you want your business to be eventually and (ii) what you can do in the next 12 months.

Why choosing the right Business Model is Important

As an example, perhaps you want to build an online course and sell it, but you're not quite sure what you want to do for people, so you're not ready to build the course. You can still be building your platform. You can still be building your audience, generating leads for your email list.  This will help you clarify your message and find out what your audience wants.

You might to decide as a short term monetization, to start doing some coaching around the course that you want to build, which will also help you with the end result,  while also helping you monetize your business.

An understanding what business model you have or you want to adopt will help you make the right decisions in your strategy. When it comes to choosing social media strategies, understanding your target audience, the messaging, and designing the client journey you want to take people.

It all starts with your Business Model

There are all of these strategies to discuss in this next year about building your online platform, but it starts with knowing your business model.

Online there's a lot of ways to make money and a lot of people don't consider the full spectrum of what's available to them when they're building a platform. So you might be a coach and you might be so focused on getting coaching clients, but you might be missing opportunities, or you might be choosing strategies that are wrong for your business model.

It's so important that you get a good grasp on this. In the video above I discuss the different ways to make money online.

Choose the right Business Model for You

If you watch the video you will see that there is literally heaps of opportunities for you to have income streams coming into your business,  as you build an audience with your eventual goal in place.

It's important for you to understand what model you want to follow, and then that will help you identify the tech foundation you need, the client journey you need and what strategies you want to employ as you build your platform.

My Challenge for You

I want to challenge you to step back, have a look at your business and draw out what you want your business to look like in the future, and then come back to what you want it to look like in 12 months.

If you want some more ideas of how to monetize your business, check out this free resource.

Identify what you need to do to get your social media and website aligned and start thinking about the strategies that support his.

This is the first key to building the right platform for your business.

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