What Pythagorus Understood About Building An Online Business

Walking through the market stalls in Athens I was approached by a seller wanting to demonstrate this interesting cup.  He went on to explain the history of this cup and how Pythagorus designed this cup to demonstrate a very powerful principle (see it in action in the video above)

It is also known as the greed cup.  ​ How it works is that you can fill the cup up to a line and it will work as a normal cup, but if you fill it over the line you lose all of the liquid out of a hole in the bottom.

For the scientific principle behind this you can google it.  But Pythagoras was more interested in teaching people that if we take too much or if we are "too" greedy we could lose the lot.  He had these notions of everybody having equal amounts and that is all we need.

Whether you agree with him or not, I have seen this lesson play out in online businesses many times.  Although I do not believe placing limitations on ourselves, but I do believe you need to take a calculated and measured approach to an online business.  If you go "all out" without the right foundations in place and without the right business mindset - you could be one of those "flash in the pan" sensations who are a blip on the radar for a short period of time.

However, if you take the measured approach and channel your money and energy correctly, you will build a successful and sustainable online business that serves your lifestyle and financial security.​

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