The Sales Funnel IS DEAD

Sorry for the alarmist title but let me clarify what I mean when I say The Sales Funnel is Dead - I mean it is dead as an online business model.  As a strategy within a business a well done Sales Funnel is a way to generate income but on it's own it will damage your online business.   Check out the video below.

So in the video I explain how every online business needs the following elements:

  • Traffic Generation Mechanism
  • List Conversion Mechanism
  • Sales Conversion Mechanism

These items are still essential, however it is getting more and more difficult to create a large business turnover with these things alone.

Because email and social media deliverability is at an all time low - people need engagement.  People are craving to hear from you.  That is why I believe the future of online business will be what I call "Engagement Marketing" or "Hi Touch Marketing"

In the model below you will see how the right engagement tools can help keep your list engagement but also help in the sales conversion process.

So how can I use Engagement Marketing?

The key is to understand your client journey - identify tools like Facebook Messenger Marketing and see how you can implement them in your business to improve engagement and the client experience.

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