How to Stand Out With Your Online Business – Part 2

In this video I take you on a bike ride of Vietnam to show you some good practises in relation to your online business.  There are so many fakes in online marketing and so many bad practises - it is literally polluting the marketing environment.

I discuss your "call to action" and your pitch.  There is nothing dirty in talking about marketing strategy - where it gets dirty is when people use these strategies to lie and deceive.

You can stand out and be authentic and true by finding out what your customer needs or what is "keeping them up at night" and providing a solution.  That is what makes the world better and that is how you stand out.

So let's say you want to sell a headache pill - that is easy because you know peoples pain points and they need a quick fix.  Curing why they get headaches is ultimately harder.   Saying "let me help you cleanse your body" will not appeal to the real sufferers of head ache unless they are informed about health remedies.  Taking a pill is so much easier.

I love the juice guy from the UK - Jason Vale.  We do his 7 day juice fast sometimes and it really helps us.  But, all of his marketing is based around 7 day weight loss, easy weight loss, etc.  That is the hook.   He then tells you after you have bought the book that he will help you lose weight but he has tricked you - his goal is to get you healthier and feeling better and the weight loss is a side benefit.

The rest of the book is about health and what vitamins each fruit and veg has and how it is beneficial.  After the fast you are a convert - you feel great and now are thinking on healthy terms.  Did I feel deceived?  No I felt educated and inspired.

So building on this for your business.  Think of the motivation and pain points of your target audience.  Think of how you can interest them in your solution, and then use that hook to start building a relationship with them.

Good ole fashion authentic engagement and selling.

Check out the video above - you can see Part 1 here where I take you through the streets of Durham .

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