Clickfunnels Tutorial – How to Link to Your List Manager with HTML

In this tutorial I show you how you can use HTML code to link Clickfunnels with your List Manager.  For the purpose of this video I am using Active Campaign, but the principle applies to all the list managers out there.

The question is WHY use HTML instead of API integration.

I have done this on several occasions.  One occasion was when Leadpages and Infusionsoft where having problems communicating because of some update issues.  I had a  full blown funnel going and needed a quick fix.  So I bypassed the API and used the HTML code method.  Then I left it that way for safety - when you are running evergreen funnels you cannot afford for glitches like that to happen.

Also, sometimes API integrations are limited with custom fields also, and so I will test using HTML integration.

Regardless there is no right or wrong way - using API's are quicker and easier, but understanding how HTML works for this is a vital skill.

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