What Facebook Security and Messenger Chatbot Lockdown Mean for your Online Business

Sitting here working on my new Facebook Messenger Chatbot course when facebook drops a bombshell.  They are suspending the creation of all new chatbots till they get their crap together.

It has upheld a long running belief I have in my approach to building an online business - and that is "email marketing" is not dead and still needs to be central to any strategy you use.  I explain more in this video.

So the message is loud and clear here.

Yes Facebook Messenger Marketing and especially Messenger Chatbot's are an awesome strategy for your engagement and is an awesome tool for selling and communicating with your audience.


You don't own that list, you don't own your audiences, your Youtube subscribers or any social media platforms you build.  There is one thing you do own is your email list.

Take Messenger marketing with Chatbot's for example - if I was about to do a launch when this "lockdown" came into play, I would be stuck if messenger was my sole strategy.  What happens when they decide they won't send your messages to your whole subscriber list like they did with subscribers to your fan page.

Now I know email marketing is getting harder - the likes of yahoo and google are now filtering our emails and making choices for their subscribers - so many people do not see our messages.

I am not saying email marketing is easy but it is definitely not "dead".  What I am saying is, platforms and strategies that you use to build your business need to have email capture as the central strategy for the time being.  

I am still a fan of Facebook Messenger Marketing and using Chatbot's in your business - I know Facebook will get their crap together but please be careful - don't rely on any one strategy to build your business.  Use the strategies as a part of a bigger picture.

In the meantime - keep looking out I have an exciting webinar on how you can use Chatbots to transform your business coming your way.

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