Let's Get it Done for You!

Get the right foundation in place and start building your online presence.

My moto is "Just Get it Done".  Whether you have a marketing strategy or need one, let me help you get clear and get it in place.

Then we will help you track it and improve it.

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My obsession with business was passed down to me from my Grandfather and Father - it's in my DNA.  Both were young ethnic men who moved to Australia in the fifties for a better life, and that life came as a result of working hard in business. 

I did not realise this until recently.  My early working life I gained incredible experience in IT, Managerial Accounting and Systems implementation.  However in my different roles, I was always drawn to the business improvement and operations side of things.  But there was something missing, I continued to work in different roles and on occasion as a consultant to businesses but knew that was not my calling.

It was not until I worked for an Accounting firm that I helped to double the turnover in a period of 18 months that I realised ​that there was a need for good solid sound business advice.  It was then that a dull roar inside of me started.  Then came along the online business model.  No bricks and mortar, no standard business plans and huge capital outlays.  The dotcom bubble was a crazy thrill ride to watch. 

I started working with internet marketers purely from a technical implementation perspective - it worked well and I loved it.  I worked on start ups to large promotional campaigns - I was a free agent spending my days working with technology and helping clients do cool stuff on the internet  - it was an awesome experience but I got lazy.  I was living a laptop lifestyle, my wife Karletta and I travelled and worked extensively.  I had a website that I had not updated for 8 years because I did not need it - my business came from referrals.​

It was during this time that the "roar" inside of me would growl every time I saw badly implemented strategies.  It was soul destroying to see people get sucked into "get rich quick" schemes and start a business without applying the most basic of business principles.

I began to realise (and it is even more applicable now) that the online business world was not immune to the fundamental business laws of universe.   As I worked on successful promotions I saw the need to properly research, test and track - just like in a normal business.  ​

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