Unleash Your Online Potential

A Transformational Journey to Build Your Reach and Find Your Crowd

If are an author, therapist, sell products or courses online and want to:

  • Reach More People and Build Your Authority
  • Keep your authencity and sell with integrity online
  • Get a flow of new customers into your business
  • Monetize what you do without having to hustle
  • Build a real online content driven platform that works while you sleep

You are the right place!

I have been working with online businesses for nearly 20 years, before social media was a thing.  

I have seen the trends come and go, the rise of influencer marketing and the fall of paid advertising.  I can help you build a sustainable business online, build your authentic brand with confidence and authenticity. 

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The time for fairy tales is over!

If anybody is promising you that you can build a business quickly, it is simple not true.  While there may be trends to take advantage of, the days of "easy money" have been long gone, even though this is what is promised by many influencers.

We help you build a real online presence with real business principles.

The difference to you is you will finish your transformational journey as an empowered business person who understands how to build your audience, engage with them and of course authentically sell your books, products or services.

Our 12 Month Business Transformation Journey Together

There are many elements to a successful online presence.  This is what we will accomplish together in your business together.

Get Your Messaging Right

We will help you get clear on the best Target Audience for your business, what their needs, pain points and aspirations are.  This will build loyalty and trust, and will improve converting people of interest to income.

Build Your Client Journey

Your client journey is essential to your online success.  It means aligning all of your platforms so that when a person enters your "eco-system",  we don't leave it to chance.  We immediately start building the relationship

Build Your Email List

An extension of the client journey is helping you build an email list.  Why is this important?  Because it is the only thing you own apart from your website.  While social media is helpful, you do not own the platforms you build on.   An email list will help you build a sustainable business that is independant of what social platforms are doing.

Build Your Client Journey

We will design your Client Journey, that builds relationship and trust, and leads people to your course, book, product or service.    Your client journey is what will help you take interested people and turn them into raving fans.   Call it your own little sales person working on your behalf.

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